Monday, May 14, 2007

Laundry Fairy!!

I have Ethan trained so well. Here he is doing my laundry while I sit on the bed and eat bon-bons and watch my soap operas!! What a good little boy I have. I haven't quite decided what chore I want him to learn next, I am thinking I might have him clean my bathrooms!!

Ethan's new toy!!

Here are pictures of Ethan in his new favorite toy. Eric actually bought it for me as a mother's day gift--just wait to see what he gets for Father's Day. When we first got it, Ethan was too little to touch the ground, hence the dictionary on the ground. He just loves his jumperoo and it is fun to watch him in it.

Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Great Granny

Here is Ethan with his Great Granny. Don't they look so cute together!!

Mystic Seaport

On Friday, we went to Mystic Seaport. Mystic Seaport is a re-created 19th century seafaring village. One of the more interesting things we saw was the Charles W. Morgan, the only remaining American wooden whaling ship.
Here is everyone in front of the Charles W. Morgan. The Morgan had a successful 80-year whaling career. She made 37 voyages before retiring in 1921, and was preserved as an exhibit through the efforts of a number of dedicated citizens. Her longest voyage was four years and eleven months, while her shortest was "only" eight and a half months. I can't imagine being stuck on a boat for that long!

Here is one of the guides on the ship. He was very involved in preserving the ship and had numerous facts to tell us about the Charles W. Morgan.

Boston Duck Tour

Eric's parents and both of his grandparents came to visit last week for Ethan's blessing. It was so fun having them and we did so many fun things while they were here. On thursday, we went up to Boston and went on a duck tour of Boston. I had always wanted to go on a duck tour and we had so much fun. Our tour guide was so interesting and funny and had a lot of fascinating facts to tell us as we toured around Boston.
This is Captain Paul Reverse, our tour guide. His story dates back to the days when Boston was at the center of the rebellion, the Revolutionary War. Yes, he too was out there, on April 18th 1775, with Paul Revere and his many comrades. That night, when the two lanterns went up in the Old North Church, Captain Paul Reverse became so excited he managed to mount his horse backwards and ride fast from town screaming, “The redcoats are going, the red coats are going!” Many, many years have passed, and although he wasn’t much of a messenger, he has become a great storyteller, tour guide and liaison to the beautiful old city of Boston.

This is the finish line of the Boston Marathon, Eric wanted to document that he and I had crossed it!! Go us--okay, so we drove over it!!

Finally, this is a picture of the duck tour out on the Charles River with the Boston Skyline in the background. Doesn't that look like so much fun!!