Friday, January 28, 2011

January Vacations

Mom and Dad have gone on vacation to VietNam and Cambodia. Kailey, Cade and I are still wondering why they didn't want to take us. We would have made things more exciting for them. But, we ended up having our own vacation with Grandma and Jordie. It really is a vacation for us because we get to play outside all day without coats, eat all the sugar we want, watch t.v. whenever we want, and they don't make us go to bed at night. They give us candy for meals, too. Whenever we throw a fit (which is quite often), they give us what we want. We love them very much. This is the life.

Here are some pics of the fun things we've been doing. I know it looks like we have coats on at
the playground, but grandma just photoshopped them on us so our mom and dad wouldn't be mad. We go to a different playground every day.

We went bowling together. Kailey got a great score, mine was ok, Cade just watched, Grandma is the bomb and Jordie has good form, but she stinks at the game. Don't tell her I said that. No matter where our balls went, Kailey and I cheered every time.

We've decided Jordie has some sort of disorder. She likes to clean. What's up with that? If we spill something, she cleans it up. She even cleans things we don't mess up. She empties the dishwasher before we're out of clean dishes to use. Who does that??? A few days ago I went to sit on my chair to eat, and my chair pad was missing because she was cleaning it. Last night after bedtime stories, grandma came downstairs and found her sanitizing the garbage can! I think she needs to see a shrink. Don't tell her I said that either.

Grandma says she's exhausted, which is weird, since Kailey, Cade and I still have TONS of energy.

Hope Mom and Dad are having as much fun as we are.