Saturday, February 14, 2009

With Love, from Iraq!

So, I must say that I have the best husband ever!!  Even from Iraq, he managed to send me flowers!  I do have to admit that I have the most thoughtful, wonderful husband and I am such a lucky girl!  Now, if he could just hurry home that would be even more wonderful!  Happy Valentine's Day!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Snow Day!!

Does he look ready for playing in the snow or what?? So last week, it finally snowed!! It was the first significant snow of the season here in St. Louis and probably the last. We got about 6 inches. My dad was so nice to take Ethan out in the snow. I didn't buy him any snow clothes, because I just don't see the point in buying him boots and pants to go in the snow once or twice and where we are moving to in Japan it hardly snows, so it is not like he could use them next year. Anyways, we had to get creative and so my dad ended up putting a couple of pairs of his socks over Ethan's shoes and pants. Notice, the socks don't match--that adds to the appeal of the outfit! I have to admit, however, my dad's creativity worked great. Here are a couple of pictures of Ethan modeling his snow outfit and having fun in the snow. He didn't last too long out there, because he wouldn't keep his gloves on, but he did have a fun time.

So, I feel so bad, because the majority of my posts and pictures have to do with Ethan. I have really been making a conscious effort to take more pictures of Kailey and talk about her more. So, here is a Kailey update. First off, she is just the best baby ever. She is always so happy and smiling and talking and so good to just sit for hours while I try and get things done. She is also so big-at her 6 month checkup last month she was almost 19 lbs. and is in the 90+ percentile for weight. Ethan only weighs 25 lbs and is in the 20 percentile for his weight. It is so sad, but Kailey and Ethan wear the same size diaper. He is just so skinny and she is so chubby. If she keeps growing how she is, I think she and Ethan will weigh the same soon. I took him in for his 2 year check-up and he has only gained 1 lb and grown 1 inch in the last 6 months--poor guy! Anyways, back to Kailey, she is very good at sitting up now and is good at scooting backwards on her belly--I think we still have a while until she starts crawling. She is such a good eater, obviously and like I said, just the easiest, happiest, best baby ever!!

Monday, February 2, 2009

Birthday boy!!

So, Ethan turned two last week and we had a lot of fun celebrating. Saturday, as part of his birthday celebration, we went and saw "Elmo's Green Thumb"-a Sesame street production--it actually was pretty good and Ethan and even Kailey loved it. My only question is, who are those people that dress up as Sesame street characters or other characters and sing and dance around as a career? Anyways, then we came home and had a delicious dinner of lasagna with dirt cake for dessert. We aren't huge fans of regular cake, so we always end up making something different. Ethan scored big time for his birthday--he is one spoiled boy. My parents got him this cute little handyman outfit with tools that actually work. He is always trying to help my dad, so now he has his own tools to help. He also got a little car set--here is a picture of him helping me put it together. He also got an elmo doll and a cute new outfit, plus a couple of other things. Here isone more picture of him. Overall, he had a great birthday!!