Monday, August 20, 2012

Sanlucar Horse Races

Last week we went and watched the Carreras de caballos de Sanlucar.  This is a series of horse races that are held annually on the beach in a town called Sanlucar that isn't too far from us and the races have been going on for over 150 years--they are very popular.  The fun thing about them is that little kids set up betting booths where you can make bets on the horses.  You don't bet on which horse is going to win, but what horse will cross the line in front of that particular betting booth first.  The races were over a mile; we were in the middle so couldn't see the beginning or end.  We took a picnic dinner and had a blast.  They had horses from several different countries, including the U.S. and they did 4 different races.  Here are some pictures:
Kids on the beach

One of the betting booths--some were more elaborate than others

A not so elaborate betting booth

A little girl sitting in her booth

See the line in the sand--that is coming from one of the betting booths--so you see those lines all down the beach-

Kids watching the horses

These police cars led the horses--so since we couldn't see the beginning, you would wait to see the car come RACING down the beach--it was so fun!

We were RIGHT up at the front and had the most amazing views--it was so awesome to see the horses race past us!

We had an amazing night watching the horses.  In our short time here, it has been so much fun to experience the Spanish culture--I am really excited for our time here!!

Tall Ships Races-Cadiz

 A couple of weeks ago the 'Tall Ships Race' had a port call in Cadiz.  We decided to go and see the ships and sightsee around Cadiz.  We had such a fun time--there were tons of different ships from all over the world and we had a great time seeing them.  Here are some pictures from our day.
Kailey throwing up the Japanese peace sign--have to keep reminding her we aren't in Japan anymore!

Under the sea--we love these cutouts!!

The kids and I in front of some of the ships

See those guys climbing to the top--it was pretty cool to watch them climb all over the sails!

Walking around Cadiz

One of the old churches in Cadiz.  We walked in and they were doing confessional and the kids were fascinated  by confessional and seeing how Catholic church is done!


Mas Barcos--translation--more boats!

Friday, August 10, 2012

Kailey turns 4!!

Kailey celebrated her 4th birthday on July 6th--it was her FIRST birthday in America--unbelievable!!  I feel a little bit bad for her, because every couple of years we will be moving on her birthday.  Her first birthday we had just moved to Japan and actually didn't even bother to celebrate it--I know, we are great parents!  This birthday we spent the morning with family, but then we had to drive to Denver and stayed overnight in a hotel because we flew out the next morning for Spain.  Anyways, this picture was in Colorado on her actual birthday, however, we had already had 2 other parties before this!!  I can't believe Kailey is 4.  I can't even begin to say how grateful I am to have a daughter--I never thought I would get one as girly as her, but I love it!  We are so glad to have Kailey in our family!!

Colorado--Final Post!

The day before we left, the whole family got together and went to the ski resort in Winter Park and spent the day.  They had all kinds of fun activities for us to do--alpine slide, miniature golf, human maze, rock climbing, trampolines, etc.  We had a blast!!  Here are some of the highlights from the day:
The kids posing on the giant polar bear

Cute Cade!

Eric and Cade riding up the chairlift with Andrew

Gramps flying down the alpine slide--I hope I doing awesome things like that when I am 80!

Me doing a flip on the trampoline!!

View of the ski resort from the top of the mountain--Gorgeous!

Another gorgeous view!

Us up on top of the mountain

Ethan on the zipline

Kailey having a blast

Cade just hanging out!

Spiderman, I mean Ethan climbing the rock wall!

Playing miniature golf

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

4th of July in Colorado

After being overseas for the last 3 Fourth of July's, this was a great way to spend this one, especially before heading overseas again.  The little town we were staying in had a parade and it was so much fun.  It was so typical "small-town America"--I swear the whole town was in the parade and all the visitors were there lining the streets--we had a great time!!   Here are some highlights!
Some of the family staked out on our blanket

This made me laugh a little bit, I swear they had all the veterans dress up in their old military uniforms.  I guess since we are in the military I am use to seeing men in uniforms all the time!  I told Eric he should have put on his uniform and marched in the parade!

Lots of fun old time cars!

This line of fire trucks, police cars, ambulances went FOREVER!!

Again, tons of fun old-time cars!

Lots of fun floats

Tons of horse riders

Kids had a great time with their cousins

Patriotic Kailey--I am going to brag for a minute--I made this dress--it took me about an hour and cost me less than $3--SO easy and SO cute!!


These guys were my favorites--it was some flying club--they were awesome!

 Again, we had a WONDERFUL 4th of July and it was so nice to spend it in America, especially since that probably won't happen again for at least 3 years!!  Even though I absolutely LOVE living overseas, I am so proud to be an American!!