Tuesday, May 20, 2008


So, Monday, while Eric was at his Marine Corp board, Brooke, Ethan and I entertained ourselves. We ended up going to Prospect Park in Brooklyn which had a little zoo. When I say little zoo, I mean little. We were surprised at how small the zoo was, but we still had fun.

They had a little nature walk where you could see animals up close. Here are Brooke and Ethan in front of the kangaroos--I couldn't believe how close we were. The only thing separating us from them was a rope, which Ethan tried to run under!

Another fun exhibit was the prairie dogs. They had these tunnels you could climb up in and then peek out at the prairie dogs. That is Ethan and Brooke in one of the tunnels with all the prairie dogs around them.

Here are Ethan and Brooke pretending to be turtles.

I love NYC!!!

This weekend we gave Brooke her first taste of NYC. It ended up that Eric had to be in Brooklyn on Monday for a marine corp board, so we decided to go down early Sunday morning and stayed over with him until Monday. So Sunday, we took her to see as many things as we could in one day.

This is us at Rockefeller Center. I watch the "Today" show occasionally in the morning and was so excited to finally see where it is taped.

This is a bunch of fountains at Rockefeller Center that Ethan loved playing around--kids are so easily amused!

So, it started raining when we got down to the end of the island, but in the back that little statue is the Statue of Liberty. In the picture it looks so small, but it was actually closer than it looks. We also could see Ellis Island from where we were standing.

These are some fun statues in Battery Park from where we looked at the statue of liberty. Brooke always does such great poses. We had a hard time tearing her away from here.

Here is Eric and I in Times Square--notice the huge belly, I don't know how this little girl is going to grow any bigger.

Here is Ethan doing what he does best--EATING!! Not even the rain could deter him--we don't know how we are going to be able afford to keep feeding him!!
So, last week we went to Stamford Museum and Nature Center. We went because they had this really cool lego exhibit and I am sorry we don't have any pictures of it. Anyways, this guy had built all of these sculptures out of legos. For example, he had a life-size fossil replica of a tyrannosaurus rex made out of legos, a self portrait of himself, a bust of a man opening his chest with legos coming out, etc. It was really cool. After seeing the exhibit we walked around the park and found this really cool playground and then went to the petting farm. So, here are a bunch of pictures from our fun time.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

This weekend we went to the Stamford Museum and Nature Center. I will post our pictures later, but here are a couple of videos we took (my dad is going through withdrawal and needs us to show him more videos of Ethan). These first two videos are of Ethan feeding the sheep. He could have stayed all day and fed the sheep, he just loved it. I was afraid he was going to get his fingers bit off, but the sheep were pretty good.

This Ethan chasing the ducks and the part I really like is that if you listen closely at the end he says, "quack, quack."

This is Ethan going down the slide, which he absolutely loved.