Thursday, March 25, 2010

Ethan is a COVER MODEL!!!

The catalog that Ethan modeled for is out and guess who is on the cover??? Ethan--talk about making a great modeling debut--I think I have a little moneymaker on my hands!! He is also in TONS of pictures in the catalog and I think he looks SOOOOO cute (I am a little biased however!) The website to access the catalog is: The site is all in Japanese, but if you go to the bottom you will see 4 catalogs and click on the one with Ethan on the front and then you can click through the catalog and see all the pictures he is in. Anyways, we are just so proud of how well he did and so glad that he enjoyed this experience. Hopefully we have many more catalogs and modeling gigs in our future. Now I need to start working on his poses!!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Painting, Sewing...keeping busy before it's baby time!

As my due date gets closer, Eric and I have been staying very busy getting things done. We are still organizing the house and putting pictures up, etc. I do have to say it is looking quite nice. Last week my friend came over and painted most of our main floor and then I finished up the hallway. She ragged the walls and it turned out so nice. It is amazing how much of a difference painting a room can make. We also painted the baby's room a nice bright sunny yellow. It looks so nice. Here are a couple of pictures of my recent projects.

I made this new dress for Kailey--I thought it turned out very cute. In the picture you can't tell but it has the cutest sleeves.

Baby's room--I still want to find something to put on the other wall. I have been looking at the huge vinyl wall stickers and think I am going to get one of those--I just have decide which one.

This sign I actually finished a while ago, but we just finally hung it up. I owe my dad big time, because he helped cut everything out. Also, the wall in the background is what color our downstairs is--it looks so nice.

I have a couple of more weeks before my mom gets here and hopefully the baby will come a little early. I still feel like I have tons to do, hopefully it will all get done!!!