Monday, August 29, 2011

Warning: This post is bragging about my AWESOME husband!!

So, a couple of months ago, Eric was out to see and sent me an e-mail and imbedded in the e-mail was a line that said, "oh, I won some award, it is no big deal, but I am going to have to fly to Toronto for the awards ceremony." Okay, whatever, not a big deal--one of the reasons I love my husband--he is so humble!! Anyways, it was a big deal. Eric was selected by the American Bar Association as the 2010-2011 Outstanding Young Military Lawyer of the Year. He got to fly to the awards ceremony in Toronto to receive his award where he was accompanied by the JAG (the admiral that heads up the JAG corps--that's a big deal for all you non-military folk). The picture above is Eric and his award shaking hands with the JAG. Also, doesn't he look so good in his uniform--one reason I am glad we are in the military--a man in uniform is HOT!! Anyways, I am just so proud of Eric and so glad to be married to someone who does so well at providing for our family and does his best in everything! I am one lucky lady!!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

First of many trips to the E.R.

Cade is such an active and busy child, that Eric and I have joked for awhile that he would be our first trip to the E.R. Now, Ethan has fallen and had some cuts that probably should have gotten stitches, but being the nurse that I am, I just have glued them shut and then slapped some steri--strips on them and everything was fine. Well, last week Cade was playing in a little bassinet Kailey has for her babies and went to get out and fell and smacked his chin on our hardwood floors. There was blood everywhere and one look at his cut and I knew we had to go to the E.R.--it was really deep and split wide open.
Luckily my friend was here, so she stayed with the other two kids and Cade and I headed to the hospital. Cade was tough and had stopped crying shortly after he hurt himself. At the E.R. I was lucky enough that we could just walk in. The corpsman came over and flushed out his cut--Cade wasn't too happy about that.
Then the doctor came over and we were lucky enough that the doctor in the E.R. that day is a good friend of ours. In fact, his daughter is Cade's girlfriend and he also joked that he wasn't surprised at all to see Cade. Anyways, he took one look and said that we would need stitches.

We had to wrap Cade in a sheet like a hotdog, from about his neck to his calves and then I held down his feet and two corpsman held down his torso and head while Steve, the doctor, stitched up Cade. Cade was not happy and was screaming and but we finally got 4 stitches in. The cut probably could have used a couple of more, but it was a lot of work to get those 4 stitches in.
Here he is after we were done. That bandage on his chin lasted all of 5 minutes and I tried to put about 4 more dressings on, but Cade would pull them off in seconds.

The next day, I laid Cade down for a nap and about 10 minutes later I heard a loud crash and walked into his room and he had climbed out of his crib and on top of his dresser, which is like 4 feet tall, and was standing on it and throwing stuff off of it. I have a feeling we have many, many more E.R. trips in our future, hopefully not the too near future!!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Kailey's 3rd Birthday!!

I have had a hard time getting motivated to update our blog, but since Kailey's 3rd birthday was a MONTH ago, I figure it is about time!! Kailey turned 3 last month and we had a little tea party with 3 of her close friends. Anyone who knows Kailey knows it is all about princesses, pink, and anything girly!! Everyone dressed up and we had a fun time. Here are some pictures from her special day!
She got a new plasma car--we already have one and the kids LOVE it and we decided to get another one--best toy every--the kids play with them ALL the time!
The tea party spread--cucumber sandwiches, PB&J sandwiches, fruit, and hummus and crackers.
Kailey and her friends!
Ethan, the pimp, with his lady friends!! I think he is enjoying it a little too much!
My mom sent Kailey the tutu swimming suit that she is wearing and even now, a month later, Kailey still begs me to wear it EVERYDAY!!!

So I made Kailey a pink princess castle cake for her birthday, but while I was making it, I walked out of the kitchen and came back and Cade, who gets into EVERYTHING, had climbed up on the counter and was devouring my cake.
This is a picture of what it looked like after Cade helped himself--almost half of my cake was missing, luckily I had some cake left over and I was able to salvage it.
Here is what the inside of the cake looked like--Kailey was happy with it and it tasted good--what more could you want!!! All in all Kailey had a GREAT birthday!!