Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Mr. Belding and Bowling for Soup--what a night!!

So we finished up the 4th of July with a bbq with friends and then we went and saw "Bowling for Soup." They are a rock band, that has a couple of famous songs--I like them. Mr. Belding, from 'Saved by the Bell' was the MC for the concert and I have to mention the military is AWESOME, because this was all free. Anyways, we had a GREAT time rocking out. The kids loved it and had so much fun dancing around and the music was awesome. Here are some pictures:
Bowling for Soup, Natalie Stovall (some country singer that also performed)
Mr. Belding, me and my friends, Barbie and Breclyn
(I hate to say it, but he hasn't aged too well, he looks like he ate Screech!)

Kailey learned to 'rock out'--we are so proud!!

Ethan watching the band!
Dancing in the parking lot
Awesome balloon hat
Fabulous concert!!

4th of July Parade

We had one of the most fun 4th of July's I have ever had. I started out the morning by running a 4-mile race around base with some friends--it was wicked hot, but we had a fun time. Later in the afternoon, the base had a parade for the kids followed by free ice cream. My dad was so nice to send us some awesome decorations and the kids bikes/scooter/wagon looked so patriotic. We walked in the parade with a couple of friends--I have to say it was hot and the parade was probably about a mile long, which for little legs is long--luckily there was free ice cream to motivate us at the end. Here are some pictures from the parade:

A fire truck led the parade--here are the kids with their friend, Isabel.

Getting our bike checked to make sure it is safe--it was!!

Cade, waiting to start the parade.

My friend, Kendal, running to keep up with Ethan--look how intent he is on riding away from her!!

We had such a great time and already we are planning how to decorate next year so we can win a prize!!!