Monday, December 30, 2013

Halloween 2013

We had a great halloween--the kids had MULTIPLE opportunities to wear their costumes--so I felt like we got good use out of them.  We had a day at school where they dressed up in their costumes.  I got to go in and help in Kailey's class with a little party--we decorated cookies, played games and made mummies (they were learning about Egypt).  A real mummy also came to their school--that is a story for a different blog post--let me just say that I LOVE SPANISH SCHOOL--they do such awesome things.  We also went to a trunk or treat at the drive in on base and also trick or treating--it was fantastic!!
Here are the pumpkins we carved--notice how awesome the ghost was--that is they one Cade and I made and I think it is the best!!

Our annual spooky dinner, we had mummy pizza, apple teeth, spiderweb dip, a snake eyeballs and for dessert ate a spooky graveyard.  It was delicious!!

Kids with their pumpkins

At the trunk or treat--I had the hulk, snow white and a monkey!

Here is the costume that Cade's teacher made for him--he is a spider and she made it out of a trashbag--she is a miracle worker when it comes to trash bags.  I think I must have at least 4 or 5 costumes that the kids teachers have made out of trashbags!

For Halloween, Kailey was monster high--someone gave us this costume--not thrilled about my sweet little girl looking like this!!

We had a potluck before trick or treating and here are all the kids.

We went trick or treating with one of Ethan's spanish friends--it was his first time.  We had a lot of fun with him and his parents.

Madrid and Segovia

Back in October, when Eric's mom was visiting, we went up to Madrid for a couple of days with her.    We had so much fun walking through the plazas, seeing such interesting buildings, we went and saw the royal palace, went to the Prado museum (which is a famous art museum), ate fantastic food, and more.  Here are a couple of pictures from our time.

The symbol of the city is this bear eating a tree-we saw it EVERYWHERE!

The oldest restaurant in the world (Eric went on a tour and ate here on a previous work trip to Madrid)

We love our street performers--this guy was playing the accordion and was really good!

In front of the Royal Palace (it was modeled after Versailles and after being to Versailles last year, I could really tell the similarities)

Annette was so righteous and went to the temple.

While Annette was at the temple, we went and got churros and chocolate!!
 One of our day trips from Madrid was spent in Segovia.  We went and saw a really cool castle and also they have a roman aqueduct running through part of the city.  It was so cool.
We saw tons of knights and armor this trip--the kids loved it!

Tons of really cool stain glass throughout the castle

This was one of my favorite rooms.  They had all these people around the top of the room that were all famous leaders .

Outside of the castle

Pretend my eyes are open in this picture--if they had been, this would have been a pretty good family picture!

This aqueduct is right in the middle of town--it was so cool!

Climbing up to the top

At the top almost!!

Ethan always wants to take our picture, so this was one of his--Eric and I look pretty good!

Can you spy Annette all the way down at the bottom??

We also love our cutouts--can't pass them without sticking our faces in!!

It isn't just the kids, Eric and I love sticking our faces in also!!