Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Highlights of Japan-part 1

Here are highlights from our time with Eric's parents. Let me just preface by saying we had a great time with them, especially the kids--thanks so much for coming to visit!!
Kamakura--the big Buddha--we take all of our guests here, I have to admit it has lost it's appeal after now my 3rd time--but you don't see anything like this in the states.

Eric's mom loves cemeteries, so here is a japanese one--wait this isn't the only picture--wait for more later on!! Also, everyone in Japan is cremated.

These are called torii gates and you see them everywhere--they are at all the shrines and signify entrance to a holy place.

The main temple in Kamakura

Around the temple grounds is a huge moat and it was covered with all of these white and pink water lilies--very pretty!

We went to a professional baseball game with Eric's parents and our good friends the Stoners. We were cheering for the Yokohama Baystars who ended up getting killed--when we left in the 8th inning it was like 14-2. Anyways, Japanese baseball is SOOOOOOO much more fun than American. The team we played was the Yakult Swallows and everytime they score a run, the fans all raise neon colored umbrellas and cheer--it is to signify to the other team that their pitcher is all washed up and needs to go take a shower! Only in Japan!

Baystar cheerleaders on the field with the bay stars!

So everyone chants in unison at the baseball games. They all have cheers that they know and sit there and yell/sing them together--even the kids know them. Also, when your team is up to bat, you make TONS of noise. Also, every team has a band that plays songs (think like at a college football game, the band that sits in the stands and plays).
Like 90% of the fans on our side had these bats that they would clap together all the time. Also, you can't tell, but the food is awesome--no nachos here, we had rice, curry, sushi, okonomiyaki, etc. It was awesome!
Cute smiling Cade--I can't get enough pictures of this adorable little guy!

Cade's Blessing

Okay, so I am WAY behind on posting. I will try and catch up over the next week. Eric's parents were here the last two weeks and my brother, Aaron was here for a couple of days, so we went and did LOTS of fun stuff. However, one of the most important things that happened was that we blessed Cade. It has been so nice, with all of the kids we have had family members from both sides that were able to be present--even here in Japan. Also, you can't tell, I need to take better pictures, but I made Cade a white jinbei (it is a japanese outfit kids wear) and he was blessed in that. We thought it was only appropriate since he was born in Japan and has a japanese middle name. Here are a couple of pictures from the day.

Cade in his jinbei--you can see the front crosses over and then he has little shorts. Funny story, so I put it on him right about 20 minutes before we were leaving for church. About 5 minutes before, Eric's dad brings Cade to me and says that he messed his pants, I take Cade upstairs and there is yellow poop all over his shorts. Eric's mom was so nice to frantically try and wash out the shorts, while I cleaned up Cade. We throw the shorts in the dryer for 5 minutes and they are still pretty damp. We hold them in front of the air vent on the drive to church, and luckily by blessing time they were only a little damp. I just laughed, babies always have such great timing!!

Cute picture of Grandma Nelson and Kailey

Cute Cade--he is such a happy baby and always smiling at us--we are so glad he is a part of our family!