Sunday, February 28, 2010

Baby Shower or rather Mommy Shower!!

Last weekend, two of my good friends, Kendal and Rachel threw me a baby shower. I had told them I didn't need one. I mean, it is my third, we don't know what we are having, we don't really need anything, so I saw no point in having a shower. However, they ended up throwing a "Mommy Shower" and it was fabulous!! I got a lot of gifts for me (beautiful necklace, spa gift certificate, great new diaper bag, etc.) and some great necessity items for baby (diapers, food, japanese baby stuff, etc.). It was also such a fun shower, because we just sat around and laughed and talked. We had a great time and I am SOOOOO lucky to have so many wonderful friends here.

I had never seen this before, but thought it was such a great idea. Rachel and Kendal bought onesies in all different sizes and then people decorated them for the baby to wear.

Some of the fun japanese baby stuff. I especially LOVE the grey and white striped leggings for the baby. I also can't wait to try out some of the japanese baby food for the baby.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Moving + Valentine's Day + a birthday=one BUSY WEEK!!

So we have had a VERY busy week the past week. We started off the weekend moving into a townhouse on base. We had been living in a high-rise apartment on base and moved about a block away into a 4 bedroom townhouse--it is still small, but we LOVE it!! I have to admit it was a pain moving. Eric and I figured this is our 7th move in our almost 5 years of marriage. Also, I look at Kailey and in her short 19 months of life, she has now lived in 4 different homes in 2 different states (Connecticut and Missouri) and a different country--I guess we aren't very good at giving our kids stability!! The good thing is that they don't seem to be fazed at all by moving and Eric and I are getting very good at packing ourselves and moving. We should be in this house for at least the next 2 1/2 years--so come visit us, our guest room is waiting!!

(The movers decided it was easier to walk our couch down to our new place instead of putting it in the truck, so here they are wheeling it down the road!)

(The kids in our new backyard--they spend hours out there digging in the dirt--I LOVE IT!!)

Monday was Eric's birthday and I felt bad because it was a pretty crummy one. To start off, the weather was nasty--cold and rainy. We also had to finish moving a couple of things and clean our old place and then Eric had to go into work--what a way to spend your birthday!! We did end up going out to eat and opened presents, so the night ended on a high note. Here are a couple of birthday pictures.

Since we moved this past weekend, we decided to celebrate Valentine's Day a couple of days late (mostly because I couldn't find where I put any of the valentine stuff I got for the kids and Eric). So Wednesday was our Valentines Day and the kids got spoiled, not by Eric and I, but by their Grandma and Grandpa Nelson. I swear our kids are so spoiled by their grandparents!! Eric's parents were very nice to send the kids some new outfits and new jammies, books, they each got a new valentine's pillowcase among some other things-they were in heaven. Of course Kailey got 2 new pairs of shoes and she wore one of her new pairs of shoes all day--in fact I had to pry them off of her feet during naptime--she is such a little girl!!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Touch a Truck!!

Friday we met up with some friends and went to an event the base put on--"Touch a Truck!" They had a bunch of different trucks/cars that the kids could sit in and of course, the kids LOVED it!! Here are a couple of pictures of the kids on some of the different cars and trucks!

So nice to let Kailey drive--watch out!!

Plowing up Kailey
A lot of machine for such a little girl!

Kailey in the fire truck
I think the ambulance was their favorite, especially Kailey's--they loved playing in it!

So our house is covered with these green boxes. We are moving yet again...only a block away, but another move!! We are living in a high-rise apartment on base and are moving into a townhouse--it will be nice to have a yard. Anyways, we have been packing up the house with all of these boxes and the kids have had a blast playing in them. Here is Kailey looking like a gangster with all of her bling!!