Thursday, April 28, 2011

Happy 1st Birthday Cade!!!

While we were in St. Louis we got to celebrate Cade's first birthday. I can hardly believe my little guy is one. Cade is probably the best little boy ever--he has such a fun little personality and is constantly making us laugh, he is so happy most of the time and always smiling, he growls and grunts and is a true boy--there is no question about it--we love our little Cade!!!

Cade's cake--I decided to get a little creative, with the help of Brooke and we made this--the kids LOVED it!!
Opening presents--Ethan and Kailey were more into it than Cade!

Just love that happy smile!!

Highlights of our trip to St. Louis--Part 1

We are back in Japan now--got back a week ago. It is so nice to be back with Eric, but we are grateful for the AMAZING time we had in St. Louis with my parents. Here are some of the highlights (prepare for TONS of pictures):

Feeding ducks with Grandma (when we got to St. Louis it was in the 70's)

Eating the bread--forget the ducks--Cade was hungry!!

A week after we arrived it snowed--this is the kids playing out in the snow (needless to say, I did not bring snow stuff for them--wasn't prepared for that kind of weather).

Kailey and Papa with their snow-woman
Ethan and Kailey with their snow-woman

Helped Papa clean out the fish pond

One day I came downstairs and Ethan had found the snorkeling stuff and had dressed up in it--I thought it was so funny.

Tried blackberry cobbler and LOVED it--in fact tried to lick the bowl clean!

Got new fishing poles and spent hours pretending to cast over the railing.

Fishing with Papa

Ethan caught at a ton of fish--every time he threw his line in, he had a fish within a couple of minutes--it was great. Here he is with just one of his many fish he caught.
Kailey lost interest in fishing and spent her time throwing pine-gums in the water--she was very busy!!