Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Kimono Dressing

During the summer, my friend's spouses' group had a kimono dressing event and luncheon.  It was one of the most fun events I have done here.  I took my other really good friend, Kendal with me, and we decided we wanted to host a kimono dressing event and luncheon for our JAG wives group.  So last month we had our event and it happened to coincide with Granny's visit.  There is a group of Japanese women who donate their kimonos and time and they come and dress us and then stayed and we had a luncheon.   Here are some pictures
All the kimonos lined up

Japanese ladies getting everything ready

These next couple of pictures are from the summer when we did it--they do our hair.

Back of the kimono--the obi

Kendal and I

This was from last month--my ladies getting me dressed--it literally takes like 30-40 minutes to get dressed--there are more layers than you think.

Granny looking gorgeous in her kimono

This is my favorite picture of Granny

All of us walking outside in our kimonos for group pictures

Our group dressed up in kimonos

Flashing the peace sign

Checking out our backsides (the obi)

Us with the japanese ladies that helped us

Kendal and I with Takeko, the japanese lady that organized everything with us.  She was so nice!

My friend Mia and I

Kendal and I

Getting dressed

I don't know how they learn to tie the obis and put kimonos on--it is definitely an art!

My friend Tracy and I

Meiji Shrine, Asakusa and playground

The last couple of days Gramps and Granny were here, we went and stayed up in Tokyo and took them some of our favorite places.  The first place we took them was the Meiji Shrine, which is one of my favorite shrines (and we have been to TONS!)  It is in a really fun area--Harajuku--a really famous area well-known for their street fashion.  If you go on a Sunday you see people decked out in CRAZY outfits.  Anyways, we were there on a Sunday at the Meiji shrine and there was a wedding going on so we saw tons of people in their kimono-best!  It was so fun to see.  

In front of the main torii gate 

 He is telling us that he is 5.
Ethan and Kailey with the cute japanese girls.  Kailey was fascinated by the kimonos and told me several times that she wanted to dress up in a 'mono'!

The wedding party

The next day we took them to Asakusa, which is another big temple.  We took a river cruise on the Tokyo river to get to where we were going.  Here are some pictures in the park where we caught the cruise.

In front of Asakusa

This picture isn't very good, but at the end of the street is the temple, but along the sides are tons of fun stalls selling everything you can think of--japanese shoes, lucky cats, swords, etc.  It is fun to walk along and look.

The main temple

Every time you enter a 'holy' place, like a temple or shrine, you always have to wash your hands.

Playing at the park

We had such a fun time with Gramps and Granny and hope they can come visit us when we move to Spain next summer!!

Sunday, November 20, 2011


One of our favorite parks is Godzilla Park or it is really called Kurihama Flower world. It is this huge park with tons of flowers and at the top is this really cool playground. We took Granny and Gramps there and had so much fun. I was also surprised to see them sliding on all the slides--it is so awesome that the kids have such active and fun great-grandparents!

Riding the train to the top of the hill!

Granny and Gramps LOVING the roller-slide!

Gramps coming down Godzilla's tail--he almost got stuck!!
There were all of these cute little japanese kids in different colored hats.
Kailey sliding down with some random japanese lady!

Gramps and Granny in the train!

Climbing Cade!

View from the top!