Saturday, October 23, 2010

I know Kailey is sweet, but please don't bite her!

Yes, that is right, my child got bit Thursday and bit HARD!!! There is an hourly child care center less than a block away from our house that I take the kids to a couple of hours a week. They have a great time playing with other kids and I have a great time playing (i.e.-running errands) with NO kids (okay, except Cade!) Thursday I dropped them off for 3 hours and about 45 minutes before I had to pick them up, looked at my phone and realized I had a missed voicemail--listened to it and it was one of the daycare workers telling me that another child had bit Kailey. What happened was, a little girl was washing her hands at the sink and Kailey came over to wash hers and the little girl bit her. They said Kailey was hysterical and wouldn't let them touch her arm and then fell asleep on the couch holding her arm. When I got there about an hour after the incident, Kailey was okay. The girl didn't break the skin on Kailey's arm, but let some nice teeth marks. However, I think it has scarred Kailey--that night when Eric came home and we were talking about it, Kailey starting crying and got upset. I just feel so bad for her--hopefully she won't hate the child care center now.

In other news, we are having fun with Brooke. I am especially excited, her birthday is Wednesday and we are going SHOPPING IN TOKYO with NO kids!! I am excited to spend the day with her up in Tokyo doing some shopping and hanging out. Life is pretty good!! I am going to have a hard time when Brooke leaves!

The bite mark--poor Kailey!!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Latest Sewing Project

I recently made Kailey a dress and thought it turned out very cute! Here are a couple of pictures. I have to admit, since I have started sewing more, I am really enjoying it!

She makes such funny faces when she smiles for the camera
I thought the purse turned out very cute and Kailey loved it--wouldn't let it out of her hands at church!

Saturday, October 2, 2010

I almost died in the mosh pit at Metallica!!

Last weekend, Eric and I went to the Metallica concert with some of our good friends. Our good friends, Shari and Karl are diehard fans and were going, so a bunch of us all decided to go. I have to say, I wasn't a huge Metallica fan before, but after being at their concert, I LOVE THEM!!!! Like, I said, my friend is a huge fan, so she is part of Metallica's fan club and we got in early. You can't tell from the pictures, but we were pretty close to the stage. The first two bands, we were about 3 people back from the front. When Metallica came on, we were that close, but then, as I alluded to in the title, the mosh pit really got going and I literally thought I was going to die. Japanese people are small, but their mosh pits are lethal--I was getting tossed around and crushed, so we decided to move back a little bit. While in the mosh pit, I kept thinking, "my mom is going to be so embarrassed to tell people her daughter was crushed to death by Japanese people in a mosh pit at the Metallica concert!" What a way to go!! Anyways, we had a blast--I have to admit, part of me was thinking, I am a mom to 3 kids and am at a Metallica concert. Anyways, we had a blast and I would go back again in a heart beat!!

It looks like we are further away then we really are--we could see the band great--also, for being around as long as they have--they look great!!

The band at the end
One of the crazy people that we met--this guy loved taking his shirt off--honestly, one of the best parts of the concert was all the crazy people we met. Right in front of us, they had this mosh pit circle going on--people would run in a circle and hit each other--it was so crazy to watch. Like I said, awesome night--ROCK ON!!!