Monday, April 29, 2013

Cade turns 3!!!

Last month we celebrated Cade's 3rd birthday.  It is so hard for me to believe that he is 3.  Cade is such a fun little boy to have around--he is very funny and so cute--makes it hard to say no sometimes.  I have also had such a fun time being home with only Cade.  We have a lot of fun running errands, playing during the day and he is really good at keeping me company.  It will be very hard to see him go to school next year!  

Ethan helping to open presents (as he said, it was almost as good as his birthday, because the toys Cade got, Ethan got to play with also!) 
Getting ready for cake--we invited over some Spanish friends for Cade's birthday--that is who is holding Kailey.

We have left the pirate phase and are now in a Batman phase, so Cade wanted a batman cake for his birthday!

Ethan looking on to see what fun toy Cade got!

Cade got a new sleeping bag--it is an alligator--so cute!

A new puzzle!

Giving Tony (our Spanish friend) a hug to thank him for the awesome puzzle!

Sunday, April 7, 2013


The second half of our trip we spent in Paris, which I think is one of my new favorite cities--I LOVED IT!!!  We were there for 5 days and felt like we saw everything--Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame, Versailles, Sacre Couer, Arc D' Triomphe, Louvre, etc.  We were busy, however, had so much fun exploring Paris.  As I look at our pictures as I am  putting up, I can't believe we were just in Paris--makes me realize how incredibly lucky we are to see such interesting places and for all the amazing opportunities the Navy has given us.  Also, I hope my kids realize one day just how lucky they are--they have been more places than a lot of adults!!  Anyways, here is more picture overload!!
Ethan was our little photographer on this trip and always was wanting to take pictures--most of the turned out really well, some are just a little crooked, like above!

This is "The Thinker" by Rodan--and the kids modeling!
In the Louvre at the statue of Venus--we saw all the famous  pieces of art--including Mona Lisa

Outside the Louvre

This was the view from our hotel--we were on the 27th floor--it was unbelievable and to the right (I didn't get a picture) you could see part of the Eiffel Tower--AMAZING!!

At Versaille--could not believe how opulent and huge it was!

Front of Versailles
At Notre Dame
The kids feeding birds--the birds just SWARMED to them--Ethan had like 6 birds that landed on him at one time!

Kailey was a little more frightened of the birds than the boys!

The boys with their new friends!

At Sacre Coeur--Another church--very interesting inside and beautiful!

Glimpse of what was inside

This was how we kept the kids going--LOTS and LOTS of snacks---here we are taking a snack break
Posing outside of Musee D' Orsay--I really liked this art museum
The kids on the bus, passing the Louvre--we took a bus ride around the city

Friday, April 5, 2013

Paris Disney

For Spring Break, we took the kids to Paris (Paris was high on my bucket list!!)  We figured since the kids have been to Tokyo Disney, they needed to visit Euro Disney--maybe one day we will visit American Disney!!  Anyways, we spent the first 4 1/2 days at Paris Disney and then the last 5 days in the city.  Such a fun vacation and I ABSOLUTELY LOVE Paris!!  This is going to be a picture overload, but here is the Disney pics.

This is for Eric's mom--her name is Annette.  This diner was right outside the park.

Sitting on a bed of nails--the kids expressions KILL me!!  Love it!

Kailey turned out to be quite the poser this trip and was always posing and wanting  us to take her picture!!

At one of the parades--I have to admit, the parades are one of my favorite parts!

We stayed at Disney, in one of their hotels, this was in the lobby and every morning they had a new character there to visit!

This was a door right by our hotel room.  Eric thought it was hilarious!

Kailey flashing her peace sign--she did this in all of her pictures--she is part Japanese--that how the Japanese people pose!

I think Goofy had a crush on Kailey!

Duffy the Disney Bear--he is HUGE at Tokyo Disney, so we were excited to see him and HAD to get a picture with him

 As you can see we had a FABULOUS time!!  I felt like we rode every ride at Disney, saw all the shows, we did everything!  I told Eric we don't need to do Disney again for at least 5-6 years!!!  Tons of fun!!