Sunday, April 18, 2010

More pics of the kids!

I have to say that Cade is the best baby ever--he just rarely cries and we are LOVING having him here. The kids can't hold him or touch him enough--the little guy is going to be tough! My sister has been begging me for pictures of the kids, so here are a couple of the kids--they are just so cute and so much fun!

Easter Pictures--Eric's mom sent the cutest outfits for the kids!
My adorable little Cade--the best baby ever!!
Kailey in her cowgirl outfit
This is a typical Kailey--half dressed, but always has to have pretty shoes on!

Saturday, April 10, 2010

It's a Boy!

Cade Takahiro (貴浩) Nelson born April 9th at 3:01 am in Yokosuka, Japan.

All four of the above pictures were taken Saturday morning when he was about 30 hours old. He's asleep in the top three. Yawning in the fourth (not crying - even if it looks like it). Heather and I took the camera with us to the hospital when he was born, but didn't bother to take more than a couple of pictures and neither of them turned out too well. I'm sure we'll get plenty more pictures over the next few days.

Takahiro means "abundantly filial / widespread nobility." We knew that we wanted a Japanese middle name and didn't decide until he was about 12 hours old that this was the name we wanted. Seiji ("admonishing/pure second son") and Takeo ("warrior") were strong contenders, but Takahiro felt right.

The kids are very excited about their new little brother. Heather and Cade are coming home tomorrow.