Saturday, June 21, 2008


Well, last weekend we took our last little vacation until the baby comes. We ended up going to Boston for the weekend and ended up having a blast. One reason we went is that Brooke has always said that Boston was her favorite place to visit, but she hasn't been there since she was three. So we took her back, to see if she actually remembered anything and if she still liked it as much. Saturday, Eric took us on a driving tour of Cambridge, MA and Harvard's campus. He spent a summer at Harvard taking classes, so he is very familiar with the campus and area. Next we went on a tour of the U.S.S. Constitution, otherwise known as "Old Ironsides."

This is the oldest commissioned boat still afloat in the world and was launched in 1797. Anyways, the crew that takes you on tours is all active duty Navy sailors. The tour we went on was really interesting and then they had a fun museum where you learned all about the ship and what life on a ship was like.

After visiting "old ironsides" we went to downtown Boston and walked part of the freedom trail. Kind of funny, as we were walking along we kept seeing so many gay and transsexual people. I even said to Eric, "I don't remember this many gays in Boston." Well a couple of minutes later we saw a huge arch of rainbow balloons. They were having this HUGE gay, lesbian, transsexual festival, needless to say we kept away from it! Next we we went to Faneuil Hall, which is a big outdoor marketplace with restaurants, shopping and tons of street performers. We ended up watching these black guys break dance for a while and had so much fun. They were really good.

Sunday we ended up going to the Boston's Children's Museum and had an absolute blast. They had so many fun things to do there, in fact I think Eric had more fun than Ethan. There were a couple of rooms that we couldn't get Ethan out of. One of them was a room where you could make huge bubbles, put yourself in a bubble, etc. Ethan loves blowing bubbles, so he thought it was a blast. They also have the cutest little smocks for the kids to put on so they don't get wet! Anyways, we would have taken more pictures, but our camera ended up dying. We just had such a nice little trip and were really glad that we got the chance to get away one more time!