Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Venice, Italy

Last month, while Eric's parents were here, they were SOOOOO nice to watch the kids for a couple of days while Eric and I went to Venice.  It was AMAZING!!!  Venice is exactly as I had pictured--so picturesque.  We had such a great time wandering the streets and seeing everything.  Here are a few (we took so many pictures) from our trip:

They were selling masks everywhere--I didn't realize masks were such a huge deal there--but apparently Carnival is very popular!

Everywhere you looked it was just SOOO picturesque--I loved it!!

We saw gondoliers everywhere--we didn't do a gondola ride, but they were so fun to watch. 

I was surprised at how narrow some of the canals are.

Someone's 'garage'

St. Mark's square--behind me is St. Mark's cathedral which is unbelievable!

You can't see too well, but in the square there are a bunch of restaurants and they all have professional orchestras playing--it was so fun to sit and listen.

Just like I imagined!

Eating breakfast--how could you get a better view

My handsome husband!!

Rialto bridge--one of the famous bridges in Venice

Part of St. Mark's Cathedral--it was amazing how detailed everything was--this is a mosiac

Doge's Palace--we went on a tour of this and is was so opulent and gorgeous.

This is in the palace--it is the gold staircase--all of that is gold!

There are no cars allowed in Venice--everything is done by boat--here is the ambulance boat!

This is called the "Bridge of Sighs".  On the left side is Doge's palace where the courtrooms are and on the right is the prison.  They call it the bridge of sighs because as prisoners go from court to prison, they cross this bridge and this was the last look they got at Venice.  I thought it was fascinating.  We went on a tour of the prison and it was pretty grim!

I can't even begin to thank my in-laws for watching the kids.  While I love to travel with them, this definitely was a trip for just Eric and I and we had so much fun being together in such a fun place!  Can't wait to get out and explore more of Europe!!

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Beans said...

Can I get adopted into your family so I can become a world traveler? You guys are always going on fun trips. Love the pictures and now I want to go to Venice!