Friday, January 3, 2014

Luxembourg and the Netherlands

Another day we drove down to Southern Belgium, through Luxembourg (how many people go to Luxembourg--nobody) and into Southern Netherlands.  We now know why no one goes to Luxembourg--there is nothing there!!  It was a pretty drive, but we got into the city, there was a small Christmas market we walked through and that was about it, but now we can say we have visited. Here are our two pictures from Luxembourg!! 
In front of a cool sculpture

In front of the nativity at the Christmas market
Aachen, Germany is a little town that is tucked right between Netherlands and Belgium.  It is famous for being a favored residence of King Charlemagne and is where his remains are now.  There was a really pretty cathedral we went and visited and of course, we went to a Christmas market.  
Cathedral in the background

Cool sculpture we found--it was bronze puppets that moved.

We always find the best street performers.

In Netherlands we went to a town called Valkenburg.  The cool thing about Valkenburg is that it has a castle in the middle of town with a ton of tunnels underneath that they built so they could escape.  The Christmas market was in the tunnels--it was so cool.
Some of the cool graffiti paintings we saw

 So anyone that knows me knows that I LOVE NATIVITIES--I need to go to Nativities anonymous, because I love to collect them.  My husband, being the wonderful person he is, read about a nativity museum on the border of Belgium and Germany and we went to it.  It did not disappoint, they had some very unique and interesting nativities.

Here are pictures from our day in Maastricht, Netherlands--a lot of fun also!!

Cade riding the train--he doesn't look like he is having fun, but I know he is!!

Overall we had a WONDERFUL trip and I know I always say this, but I am just SOOOOO grateful to live in Europe and have the opportunity to go see so many interesting and different places--I am SPOILED!!!

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