Friday, January 3, 2014

Sports and Activities

Between trips and people visiting us, we do lead a normal life!! This fall the kids have been involved in sports--we started out doing soccer in September and October and then the boys started flag football in November and December--I feel like we were spending our lives sitting at practices or games (however, it was fun!!)  Ethan REALLY enjoyed flag football--he was the center and his coach had sent home a playbook, so several times we were outside practicing his plays and what he needed to do each play.  Cade also played flag football, but he didn't do games.  He also REALLY enjoyed it.

Kailey being a woman of leisure at the game

Cade hamming it up for the camera

Ethan is out there in the center wearing the blue shorts with a white stripe

Kailey also started girl scouts this school year and has been loving it.  Here are some pictures from a beach clean-up we did in November.
Kailey with her friend

All the girl scouts together
 And lastly, our house faces the ocean so we have the most amazing sunrises and sunsets.  We really are spoiled!!  Here is one of our recent sunsets--GORGEOUS!!  In real life it looked so much better!

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